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My mission is to give as much happiness
to as many people for as long as i can

I am Vicky

I love people and I love for people to be happy, empowered and free. During my study more than 40 years ago, I integrated the ancient wisdom of auras and chakras from India with psychology. Thus, giving this ancient wisdom hands and feet and adding valuable knowledge to psychology.

Coach, Healer & Teacher

What I often hear is that while I am transferring knowledge, healing takes place.

If you feel something is missing, or emotions, beliefs, trauma, depression are holding you back from living your full potential, I can teach you how to get control over them and feeling empowered again.

I am a teacher and a healer. After receiving a healing, you can have the experience of being empowered, whole, complete and free. I also love to teach, because knowledge and applying the knowledge empower people and make them free and independent of me.

MY services

Let me help you become empowered and liberate yourself from limiting patterns.

Energy Academy

The Bewell Academy teaches the system of Energetic Intelligence. Learn the art of energetic self-healing, or study to become an Energetic Intelligence coach! The Academy consists of 3 levels. In Level 1 you learn how to work with energies and be a Self Healing Expert. In Level 2 I teach you how to heal others and you will become a Master of Energetic Intelligence. In Level 3 you learn how to give Psychic Readings and will be an Energetic Intelligence Jedi!

Clarity Call

Are you getting excited but you want to talk to me first? Great! You can shedule a free call with me ūüôā


Don't believe me, read what others say about my services

In the Fundamentals of Energetic Intelligence Retreat I learned the power of feeling grounded, to listen to my intuition, to feel my body, to heal emotionally and physically. Even thought I didn't understand its origin, it was blocking my self confidence in creating the life I wanted for myself. Vicky is a happy, loving, caring person. She created a safe atmosphere for us to share our experiences and self discoveries. She's truly interested in our physical, emotional and spiritual development. Thank you Vicky!!!
Barbara Silva
Energetic Inteligence l
I have joined the first two Energetic Intelligence courses of the BeWell Academy: Fundamentals and Novice.  It was very nice to learn how to ground myself and to call my energy back to me. Also to learn more about the concept of subtle energies and auras. Vicky is a wonderful teacher with great energy. The exercises are very easy to follow, and doing it with Vicky and the group makes them so much more effective. The energy of everyone in the group combined is what makes the courses so successful. <3
Rosanne van Setten
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I attended the first (Re)Treat - Fundamentals of Energetic Intelligence with Vicky. It was a new experience to me as I didn't know much about it. I really enjoyed learning to ground myself. The biggest learn of all was that I can call my energy back to me and that I can return any energy that is not mine. Vicky makes difficult concepts easy and encourages everyone to share and participate without judgement. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to start finding out more about managing energy.
Energetic Inteligence l
Igor Zagrebnoy
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